Nailed It! Birthday Party Edition

One of my very favorite Art Camp families ever asked me, over Christmas break, if I would be up for instructing a “Nailed It!” themed birthday party for their daughter. Have you seen the show? Netflix. It’s amazing. New season coming out on May 19th.

I love the idea behind it: they get 3 inexperienced home bakers to come bake and decorate their hearts out. They attempt a super complex design done by a professional with little – to – no guidance. The results are either terrifically horrendous or only marginally horrific. No one ever masters the project. How could they? They have no practice, and a fraction of the time that the pros had. But the contestants are all in the same boat – it’s all good fun, and no one’s expecting a masterpiece. It’s about the experience and learning by attempting something new. I have to say, I might be addicted to that feeling myself.

In fact, I think I’ve made a business out of it. Y’all, I’m not kidding when I say I would attempt almost anything in the name of creativity (as long as it’s not illegal, immoral, or sugar-free). Candle Making – sure! Mosaic Tiling, you bet! Costuming and Backdrop Painting, why not. Hand-painting custom monogrammed Christmas ornaments, bring it on. A three tiered mermaid, unicorn, and pegasus cake? Heck to the yes! I’m in.

But I digress…

This birthday party was right up my alley, and it rocked! Great idea C. Family! We made 3 cookies chosen by the birthday girl – the layered tree, the “sunny day” snowman, and the final masterpiece a “Santafied” self-portrait (based on a photo that we all took in the Santify app, see goofy pictures below).

The difference between the show and the party was that these creations were achievable, and turned out so well with a little guidance (and dozens of pre-baked cookies and prepared and dyed-in-advance frosting :). This. was. so. much. fun.

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